Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Buffers : Sample, automation, location - a way of storing data, address or a value

Buffering represents the creation of temporary memory space for the purposes of storing information such as data arrays, envelopes, windows and samples - whether for recording or playback.

BufRd: reads the content of a buffer at an index.. BufRd(numchannels,bufnum,phase,loop,interpolation)

BufWr : write to a buffer at an index.. BufWr(input,bufnum,phase,loop)

PlayBuf : plays back a sample resident in memory.. PlayBuf.ar(numChannels,bufnum,rate,trigger,startpos,loop)

RecordBuf : record or overdub input into a buffer.. RecordBuf.ar(inputArray,byfnum,offset,reclevel,preLevel,run,loop,trigger)

DiskIn : Stream in audio from a file.This needs a buffer to be preloaded with one buffer size of sound.

DiskOut : Records to a sound file to disk using a buffer. DiskOut.ar(bufnum,channelsArray)
bufnum - the number of the buffer to write to(buffer.write or/b-write)

Other Ugens that leverage UGens

Index : Index into a table with a signal ... Index.ar(bufnum,in,mul,add)

Osc : nterpolating wavetable oscillator ... Osc.ar(table,freq,phase,mul,add)

FFT: Fast Fourier Transform : It uses a local buffer for holding the buffered audio

Shaper : Performs waveshaping on the input signal by indexing into the table.. Shaper.ar(bufnum,In,mul,add)
bufnum is the number of buffer filled in wavetable format containing the tyransfer function and In is the input signal..

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