Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busses & Routing

Bus : The client side representation of an audio or control bus on a server.Manages allocation and deallocation of bus indices.The number of control busses, audio busses and input and output buses is fixed and cannot be changed after the server has been booted.The server application has 128 buses by default, which can be thought as mixer channels or tracks within which independent audio can be running

Class Methods :

Bus.control(server,numChannels); // Allocates a contol bus on the server.
Defaults : default server, 1 channel.

Bus.audio(server,numChannels); // Allocates an audio bus on the server.
Defaults: default server, 1 channel

Bus.alloc(rate,server,numChannels); // Allocates a bus of either rate as specified by the symbols: \control or \audio

Bus.new(rate,index,numChannels); // does not allocate a bus index, it assumes that you
already have allocated the appropriate bus index and can supply it yourself.

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